Tame Unruly Tree Branches

Arrange for our tree pruning services in Holly Ridge or Leland, NC

When you want to encourage your trees to grow healthy, beautiful and strong, rely on the team at ArborCare Tree Management. We specialize in tree pruning services in the Holly Ridge and Leland, NC area. Whether you want to keep your tree from growing too close to your home or prevent your tree from blocking a nice view, we're here to help.

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What kinds of tree pruning can we perform?

We offer several kinds of tree pruning services designed to improve the health of your trees and protect your property from damage. We can provide...

  • Directional pruning - directs tree growth away from surrounding structures
  • Vista pruning - prevents tree branches from blocking a beautiful view
  • Thinning - allows more light and air to pass through the tree's canopy
  • Shaping - enhances the natural beauty of your trees by removing scraggly branches
  • Weight reduction - decreases the weight of heavy branches on the tree
  • Property line pruning - keeps trees from encroaching on a neighbor's property
  • House clearance pruning - removes branches that are growing too close to a house
If you have any questions about our directional tree pruning services in Holly Ridge, NC, speak to our team today.